Siam Bay Cuisine

0191 2513366
Marine Avenue
Whitley Bay
NE26 1LY
Siam Bay Cuisine in Whitley Bay is a dining experience not to be missed. With a combination of two authentic culinary worlds fused together, from India and Thailand, each dish is made by a team of exacting and very professional chefs from both countries. From the same company that brought you the fantastic Thai Royal Orchid in Hexham, you can now discover the culinary delights of these two amazing cultures, in one superb location.

With its dramatic setting and exceptional views, Siam Bay Cuisine is the perfect place to enjoy delicious celebration meals, or intimate dinners for two. The restaurants mascot, an almost life size elephant, sets the tone for the stunning interior decoration of bejewelled artefacts and magnificent artworks.

However, the most delightful thing about dinning at the restaurant is that you can select your own perfect combination of Indian and Thai dishes, what could be better!

At Siam Bay Cuisine you can try traditional and authentic dishes from the copious menu including an extensive range of no less than fifteen Indian starters, from bhajis and samosas to tandoori quail.

The main courses offer a stunning fourteen different types of curry, thirteen chefs recommendations, and eleven tandoori and spicy speciality dishes, where you can choose from beef, lamb, seafood, chicken or vegetables as the main ingredient.

Top it all off with eight different types of rice and eleven Indian bread options, and you have a great meal.
From the Thai part of the menu, which is just as extensive as the Indian, you can choose from eight Siam Bay speciality dishes, twelve Thai starters, three types of salad, four delicious soups, six succulent stir fried dishes, three luscious noodle dishes, three different types of rice, and five curries which can be mild, spicy or jungle hot: Careful! It's a bit eye watering, and not for the faint hearted!

Each and every one of the mouth-watering dishes at Siam Bay Cuisine is made to order from the finest ingredients, to your specific orders. Enjoy!