Shahe International Buffet

0191 4559995
30 Wansbeck Road South
When you want to be treated like royalty, head over to Shahe in Gosforth for a right royal feast. The name Shahe, taken from the Sanskrit word for royalty, is a clue to the wealth of delicious dishes, and gourmet delights that you will find on the menu.

The creator of this gastronomic experience Mr. Choudhury, has taken his inspiration for Shahe from the exuberance and beauty of the Indian royal palaces, to give the restaurant a welcoming and noble presence. Walk through the doors into an atmosphere of decadence and opulence. Like the dishes, the interior has been created with the utmost care to heighten your dining experience.

A feast for all the senses, each dish on the menu is a veritable cornucopia of the freshest and finest ingredients, brought together with skill and traditional expertise to bring you the finest Indian dining.

You can pretend you are a Maharajah or Maharanee for the night, as you taste heady and aromatic dishes fit for a king, and his queen. The whole of the Indian subcontinent is laid out before you on the menu, with Kashmiri dishes from the North, Madras dishes from the South, rich and creamy Moghul style dishes form Delhi, and many many more. Naturally only the best ingredients are worthy of a royal table, and it is just so in Shahe, where only the finest cuts of meat, vegetables and fruit are to be found.

Whether you are sharing a meal with a loved one, a group of dear friends, or a business colleague, you will enjoy the convivial atmosphere of this discerning Indian restaurant, where each diner is treated like a connoisseur.

There are special offers throughout the year, so you don't need a king's ransom to dine like royalty at Shahe. Enjoy Banquet Night, with six courses for only £12.95 per person. The prices at Shahe are so great you can dine in for almost the same cost as a takeaway, and savour the right royal atmosphere.