Out of Town Dining in Newcastle

The countryside around Newcastle is carpeted with a rich landscape of flora and fauna. Situated in the temperate North East it benefits from the Gulf Stream and the rain shadow of the North Pennine hills. The region is awash with a bounty from its rich farmland and native species, making this area of Northern England a veritable cornucopia for out of town dining.

The North East region around Newcastle has a growing entertainment and restaurant industry served by a fantastic local larder and growing number of regional speciality food providers. Not to mention the fantastic scenery that covers hills, coastline and everything in between.

The quality of the regional and seasonal food speaks for itself. Locally sourced meat, fish, game and vegetables are all at the heart of this good out of town dining experience. The North East is especially noted for its fine fish. Be it trout from the Tweed, Craster Kippers, or the freshest fish and chips.

Rural village pubs, bars, fine restaurants and hotels provide a range of menus to please every pocket. With fine wines and locally brewed beer to quaff with them. Spend happy hours ambling through the countryside and you will certainly stumble upon a quaint village, with a country pub or hotel restaurant and great Northern fare.

No matter your choice of food, be it modern fusion, French, Italian, Asian, or traditional British you will find that presentation and quality are essential to an out of town fine dinning experience at a Newcastle restaurant. If you have a taste for the charming and the local, then this is for you.

Newcastle is an area noted for it's generosity of spirit, and grandeur of soul and is only too welcoming with it's out of town dining.