Oriental Cuising in Newcastle

Newcastle is a city fragrant with many cultures. From its earliest beginnings it has been frequented by many peoples. With its prominent location on the North East coast of England it has always been a busy and vibrant port, attracting visitors from around the world. Many of whom have found its temperate climate and friendly atmosphere a great place to live.

The range of oriental food in Newcastle is fantastic, and includes Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. They have authentic regional food made with first class ingredients. Chopsticks are the traditional method of eating in most Oriental restaurants, and food is normally served in bite sized pieces. However they will be only too happy to provide knives and forks for the less adventurous diner.

Thai food is characterized by its use of coconut milk, curry and rice. Thai food unlike Chinese is normally eaten with a fork and spoon, not chopsticks. This combined with softer flavors can make it an easier option for children's sensitive pallets.

Diversity is the essence of Malaysian food. With it's influences being Indian, Thai, Chinese and British. Two staple ingredients in Malay cooking are noodles and rice which accompany all meals.

Korean food takes influences from its neighbors China and Japan, and uses a large number of side dishes.

Japanese food is frequently thought of as only sushi, however it is made up of an expansive variety of rice, noodles, soup, meat, fish and fried food.

Stowell Street is a local landmark, standing at the heart of Newcastle's China Town, well recognised as a centre for Oriental food. Chinese food comes from eight great traditions, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hunan, and the most famous Sichuan and Cantonese.

Enjoy eating out with our selection of Oriental Cuisine specialists, many have excellent take away services too.