Italian Dining in Newcastle

Newcastle has a long standing connection with Italy. Pons Aelius was an ancient outpost of the Roman Empire with its fortress positioned on Hadrian's Wall. True, the soldiers were not enjoying pizza, but they introduced many Mediterranean staples to the North East region. Olive oil and many current vegetables, fruit and herbs are prominently featured in foods we eat today.

Much of the Roman construction in Newcastle has been lost. The 80 mile long wall was a mark of the Roman Empire's power and its remarkable talent for construction. Many forts, albeit their ruins, are still visible today at the UNESCO World Heritage and English Heritage sites.

Italian food can trace its beginnings back to the 4th century BC. But it was not until the discovery of the 'New World', America, when tomatoes and potatoes were introduced, that we see the start of what we think of as Italian food today. After all, what would a classic pizza be without a rich tomato sauce?

Fresh, seasonal ingredients of high quality are especially important to Italian food; And with so many regions, ranging from the northern Alps and its borders with Switzerland, to the southern sunshine of the island of Sicily, it's not surprising that we have such a remarkable selection of Italian delicacies.

European Mediterranean countries love wine with their food, and Italy is no exception. Fine Italian wines, such as Barolo and Asti, are a great accompaniment to your Italian meal.

Family and food are close to any Italian's heart. There is a true passion for food, wine and hospitality in Italian homes. Meal times are a chance for family members to spend time together each day, with special occasion repasts lasting many hours.

Choose the informality of a Pizzeria, or the classic formal dining of a Ristorante from our superb selection and say 'Ciao' to an Italian dining experience.