Indian Cuisine in Newcastle

Indian food is so much a part of English culture that a Gallup poll named it as a British National dish. 'Curry' has been readily adopted by the UK to mean almost any Indian dish.

Newcastle is no exception to that rule having taken Indian cuisine to its heart with many authentic restaurants. In fact the British Food Standards Agency states that the Indian food industry in the UK is worth £3.2 billion, with two thirds of all people dining out each week eating Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine is complex, with many distinct and delicate flavours, from a large variety of spices, and cooking techniques. Indian meals are centred around the family and consist of many main courses. Religion and beliefs have played an important part in the evolution of Indian meals. Vegetarianism being followed by India's Hindu Jain and Buddhist communities.

A great variety of side dishes exist such as bhaji, pakora, samosas, rice and naan bread. Most Indian cuisine is vegetarian, with some meat dishes, including lamb chicken and fish. India is a large subcontinent; with neighbouring cultures of Persia, Greece, Mongolia, and Asia having all had their influence upon it.

Indian cuisine is divided into regions with the most notable being Punjabi, Kashmiri and Bengali. Each with its own style, flavours and cooking techniques, which make an amazingly wide range of regional dishes possible. With India being made up of mountains, dense tropics and long coastlines, it's not surprising that it has such a great diversity in its cuisine.

Indian food is traditionally eaten without any cutlery, using the fingers, and preferably with the right hand. However western and modern cultural influences mean that it is acceptable to use cutlery when dining out.

Explore the tantalizing tastes of Indian cuisine for yourself with this selection of the best in Newcastle restaurants.