Delis and Takeaways in Newcastle

The 'Toon' has a wide selection of eateries and restaurants to choose from but if you're out and about or in a rush and don't have time to sit down then don't despair! Newcastle has a diverse range of delicious deli's and take away treats to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites.

Newcastle deli's and takeaways can be found throughout the city and the surrounding area. Choose from a traditional fish supper by the tea, a tantalising tasty Panini for lunchtime or pick up a convenient takeaway from your favourite Newcastle restaurant to enjoy on a Saturday night.

The vibrant and dynamic city of Newcastle has long been a haven for food lovers and the city boasts an incredible range of cuisines from around the world. Indulge in Pizzas from Italy, Kebabs from Turkey, Curries from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Sushi from Japan, Chow Mein from China, Tacos from Mexico, Hamburgers from the US and Crepes from France. Whatever culinary cuisine tickles your fancy you can be sure to find in here is our fabulous selection of Newcastle deli's and takeaways.

Newcastle is famed for its warm hospitality and cracking sense of humour and you are sure to receive both, as well as outstanding service and delicious food from whichever deli or takeaway you choose.

Why not pop into a deli whilst out shopping with the girls and treat yourself to a revitalising coffee and decadent Danish, or if you're out with the boys swing past your local takeaway for a comforting curry of filling fish and chips after an evening at the pub watching football. Alternatively for a spot of quality family time pick up your favourite pizza from your local pizzeria and enjoy whilst watching the latest film releases.

Enjoy our range of deliciously diverse deli's and tantalisingly tasty takeaways that this great city has to offer!