Red Mezze

0191 2619646
36 Leazes Park Road
Can you feel the heat of the midday sun, hear the joyous laughter of friends and family, and taste the love in the food you eat: Red Mezze will make you believe you're in Turkey, under a hot sun, enjoying a fabulous banquet of traditional Turkish tasty delights, and feeling the social conviviality that is Turkey.

Experience the passion of Turkish food in the only Turkish restaurant in Newcastle, Red Mezze. Murat the wonderful owner, has taken his memories of family meals in his boyhood Turkey, and recreated them for all of us to share.

Mezze in Turkish means a tasty snack, and you'll find at Red Mezze that's exactly what it is. Mezze is an ideal way to get an introduction to the tantalising taste experience that is Turkish cuisine: It's is all about sharing, so it's a great way to eat with family and friends, and also a fantastic way to get children to try more vegetables, as there are a lot of vegetarian dishes in mezze.

At Red Mezze you'll always get a warm Turkish welcome and the most amazing food too! Try the set meals, which start at just £9.99, and are great value. Everything at Red Mezze is prepared to the highest standards, with the freshest produce you can find, and the best Halal meat, and naturally all the cooking is done in the traditional Turkish way, on charcoal.

The hot and cold mezze's are absolutely delicious, and the shish dishes are amazing. Choose from a great selection of dishes including; Chicken Shish, Moussakka, Kleftiko, Izmir Kofte, Iskender, fish and vegetarian dishes, and BBQ's.

Red Mezze is open from 11:30 in the morning, till 11:30 in the evening, 7 days a week, and is the perfect place to go for lunch when you're out shopping, or for an evening meal, before the cinema, or even after the theatre. Red Mezze is the only place in Newcastle you'll find Tuskish food: You can almost imagine you're really in Turkey with such sensational meals.

Murat has brought the heat of the sun and the passion of Turkey to an otherwise grey English city. Light up your culinary passions with a meal at Red Mezze.