Newcastle Restaurant

Newcastle upon Tyne is one of England's most curious cities and contains a fine and diverse range of Newcastle Restaurant venues offering fine cuisine, romantic & intimate, speciality and even outdoor dining. Whatever your tastes in food and cuisine, the modern, broad and diverse range of Restaurants in Newcastle ensures that there is a restaurant dining choice to cater for the culinary bon vivant in Newcastle.

Being central to the many ages which forged the modern United Kingdom, not only is Newcastle invested with an historic richness both old and more recent, but it is still at the forefront of progress and development. In conjunction with Gateshead, it is the city spearheading the large scale redevelopment of the North East.

Norman Foster's famous Sage Gateshead, viewed across the river, is just one of the icons of progress and design which are part of the city's new direction.

Where there is development and a general appreciation for the creative spirit in all aspects of life, there will always be influx of savvy folk who come to enjoy the many pleasures which come with new business and new times. From the quayside to the outskirts of town there is a real sense that the many bars, pubs, clubs and Newcastle Restaurants are invested with a fresh life and the ethos of an exciting period.

The quayside is particularly well known for its vibrant nightlife, often cited as one of Britain's premier party destinations. While there are numerous bars and pubs which flesh out the choices for party goers, it is the Restaurants in Newcastle which deserves the real attention.

Those who have ventured to enjoy all the city has to offer will undoubtedly have experienced the typically cosmopolitan sense which permeates much of the city and its diversity of eateries.

Newcastle Restaurants vary considerably, as you might expect from a culturally aware place, but there is a general feeling of culinary passion almost everywhere you eat. The quayside with all its luxury hotels offers some fine up-market Newcastle Restaurant dining, especially suited to those who find themselves visiting on business. From French-influenced fine dining to beautifully crafted ethnic cuisine from the world's most celebrated food countries, the choice is as broad as it is tempting.

From great curry which has been treated to a touch of contemporary reinvention to places which specialise in seafood, there are numerous options for that special occasion, be it of romance or any other worthy cause. Between the slew of inspired fine dining establishments are a wealth of hearty, warming places where a good burger can be had, perhaps a decadent waffle in the grand Belgian tradition. The perfect way to enjoy a afternoon while gazing over the gentle waters of the Tyne.

Although there is much to be said for enjoying a beautifully crafted meal with a view of the river, some of the finest, most exciting and inviting Newcastle Restaurant locations are to be found in the city centre. As you get to the Grainger Town area, the historic heart of the city, you'll find a few lovely places to eat.

Many are secreted in lovely old buildings and this is where you can enjoy the conviviality of a thriving, bustling city at night while being happily ensconced in classical richness, eating food and drinking wine in the company of those who share an enthusiasm for the good life. Around Grand Central Station there are also many fine Restaurant Newcastle locations, perfect places to for a pre-theatre meal or a light bite before heading home.

Jesmond Street is appealing in its own way. Known for the creative spirit and colourful aesthetic of its student orientated establishments, you won't have to look hard to find a trendy place to spend a few hours enjoying the cosmopolitan Restaurant Newcastle vibe.

Newcastle Restaurant profiles some of the finest in the city. Whatever you're looking for, you're likely to find more than one place to surpass your culinary expectations. It is a place where a trusted curry sits comfortably aside carefully balanced fusion food of the highest standard.